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Welcome to Godseeker! We update Tuesdays and Thursdays. To be notified about updates, and to get extra bonus art, friend us at our Livejournal.

The (bad) webmaster/ writer here.

I found the above page. It was labeled wrong and uhm...didn't exactly update in the right spot.

30090721 =/= the right date.


I suck, I'm sorry. If you follow amber_sketches on twitter you know about the horror that was this morning wherein we need to redo Thursday's page. Terry is redrawing it, and it should be up on time. Even though it is a crowd scene, and I'm not allowed to put those in anymore. She is glaring at me right now.

Better news!

We will be moving from Comic Genesis to Girlamatic. This is awesome for many reasons for US, and awesome for a couple of reasons for you. First off: they will do more of the website stuff that i'm so bad at. I (probably!) can't break the webpage with them. Yay! Secondly: The page will look nicer, we'll be able to add fancy things like fan-art pages and bio pages and all those fun bells and whistles I haven't added for fear of breaking the internet again. Yay!

Thirdly: In honor of the move, we went back and fixed some spelling errors! Yeah. We're excited about that one too. Please tell us when you find one. Terry is a bit dyslexic and I'm too used to it to see it anymore.

So while we will be posting the enitre archive at Girlamatic, we will be posting it on an accelerated shedule (probably T,TH, S, but may be M, W, F) so this is a good time to tell folks to start reading it.

We will be posting new pages on Comic Genesis while this is happening at our old pace (Tuesday Thursday) so y'all don't have to wait for new stuff. When the Girlamatic and Comic Genesis pages meet, then we will stop updating on Comic Genesis.

And...Now the part where I beg your patience. Yup, we'll be taking a few weeks off to move stuff, draw promo art, make and order new business cards, y'know all the stuff that is going to eat up our time make make us update late.

So, starting next week, M-F, we'll be posting...well...the stuff I'm always interested in in my comics: the background stuff. The concept art, layouts, the first ever drawings of a couple of characters, some neato prints that never saw the light of day, and a few things that will make Terry want to burn down the internet to remove 'cuase of how old they are.

Go to the livejournal (yellow_sketches, clicky the link above) and tell us what kind of concept art you'd like to see. I'll be posting SOMETHING everyday.

So, that's the news. Fun and exciting times!


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